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Becoming A Compassioneer


"Being a Compassioneer is not yet another unnecessary label that you either are or are not. It is also not another type of faddy lifestyle you can fail at"
What is a Compassioneer?
The word Compassioneer is a unique term and someone who is taking steps, no matter how big or small, to lead a more com- passionate lifestyle.
This could mean going on a journey to love your- self more, find freedom with food, and pursue lots of diverse avenues (i.e. Nourishing Routes) to wellbeing that don’t involve restrictive dieting, losing weight, altering your appearance or embarking on rigid exercise regimens...
Being a Compassioneer takes many unique forms and enables individuals to find ways of sharing their compassion with others, whether that be helping individuals to love themselves, reduce the exploitation of other beings or make behaviour changes that  promote the welfare of  other humans and the planet.
Chances are, in many ways you are probably already a compassionate individual. The aim with Nourishing Routes, however, is to take you even further on a journey to becoming someone with even more compassion – especially when this compassion is directed to yourself.
The world has recently been making huge positive shifts in terms of more and more individuals living as, or ready to become, Compassioneers.
If there was ever a great or special time to think about going on a journey to become a Compassioneer yourself, the time is now.
If you really desire to seek a more compassionate lifestyle in all its amazing forms, while learning to love yourself and find freedom with your mind, food and body, I challenge you to find out more about what being a Compassioneer is all about, before then taking the Compassioneer Pledge.
The Compassioneer Pledge 
The Compassioneer Pledge is simply a set of 16 steps that you can agree with and take in your own unique way so that you can begin to live in line with your authentic self, reach your full potential and ultimately become the compassionate individuals you were born to be so that you can flourish and thrive.
The decision to take the Compassioneer Pledge alone is the first and perhaps most fundamental stepping stone on your own Nourishing Routes.
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